Antlers (sketch)

I got Krita recently, and I’ve been trying it out for drawing just to see what’s what. I’ve yet to find any brushes in it that compete with what I’m using in Manga Studio, and there’s a few little annoyances that mean it’ll probably never be my #1 program.

That said, I love the symmetry tool it has as a standard feature. I think maybe the EX version of MS has a similar one, but not my version, and man it’s neat. So fun to play around with. I drew this girl and her ridiculous antlers with it, and now I’m thinking maybe a series of portraits with ridiculous horns? Because I definitely need more projects to add to my pile. We’ll see.

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s a girl with ridiculous antlers. This is a cropped version – if you’d like to see the full thing check out my Patreon. It’s got comics and stuff too!