Editorial Illustration for Idealog Magazine

A recent illustration I did for Idealog magazine. There’s an animated version, along with the short story it goes with, up on their website here.

This was a really neat project to work on. Clayton is a old friend, whose writing I’ve enjoyed for many years, and he was kind enough to put my name forward when they were looking for an illustration to accompany his short story in the magazine.

This story combines everything I like about Clayton’s work – social satire, relatably flawed characters, and a kind of lingering, creeping dread that only the best horror manages to pull off.

On top of all this, it gave me the opportunity to draw some kind of gross techno-earfish, which is pretty much as great as my day job can get.

Here’s how it looks in print (plus some unintentional devil horns as I try to hold the page open):

You can see an initial thumbnail for a different version of the picture here, if you’re interested.