ActionMan Adam, by NiceMan Marc

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So in a muddled impression of a good older brother I went with my younger brother to Armageddon this year. He’d never been and I hadn’t been for years. It was an… interesting experience (he says diplomatically) but one of the highlights was the new ActionMan Adam book by local artist Marc Streeter.

Marc’s been a friend of Makeshift for years so some good words about him here are long overdue. His ActionMan Adam character has been around for a while, and this book combines older stories with some new ones, and brings readers up to date for the upcoming online comics which will continue Adam’s adventures in life and love.

Marc clearly has a genuine warmth and affection for his main character which is rare these days. With comedy it’s far too easy to resort to cruelty and cheap shots for laughs (which I’ll have to put my hand up for at times), but he doesn’t. Possibly because the character is based on a real-life friend of Marc’s, possibly just because he’s a genuinely nice guy himself. Or maybe both.

In a gesture of un-Armageddon-like creativity and initiative, Marc was offering his comics in two forms – one with its traditional, printed cover, or another which, for just a few more dollars, would feature a one-off, hand-drawn sketch by the artist himself. I couldn’t resist that offer, not just for the pleasure of owning something unique and hand-crafted but also to watch someone who can properly draw draw properly. He does shading and everything. The comic looks rad. he was quick too, or he would have been if I hadn’t kept distracting him with questions about comics or demanding to see the pictures on his phone of the guy dressed as Starscream.

Sitting next to Marc was another Makeshift cohort, PodgyPanda. Along with his usual selection of gorgeous cartoon prints and sketches he’s now got some laser-engraved wooden pieces which are amazingly cool. I assume they’re still for sale if he hasn’t already sold out, head along to his website for a look.