I’m now officially offering digital commissions! Details below about how you can get yourself some fancy custom art:

Commissions heads2Faces! His face, her face, some other creature’s face.

Commissions single2Action pose or static, your choice! (Simple/plain background)

Fight scenes, love scenes, folks just standing around! (Simple/plain background)

FULL PAGE: $100 – $150
(but probably $100 unless you’re asking for something super complicated)
A full illustration with multiple characters, background, whatever! Can be a comic page with multiple panels if you want.

  • All commissions done through email, please – keeping track of this sort of thing through social media can be a bit messy. Get in touch at
  • Commissions will be drawn and coloured in my style (see the examples above), but if there’s something particular you’re after (high contrast, old comic-book weathering, a particular colour palette etc) then I’m open to direction (within limits – if you want something that looks like Jim Lee drew it I’m probably not your guy).
  • All commissions will be done digitally and sent to you as a hi-res PDF. If you want a traditional illustration on paper that’s totally doable but may cost a little extra what with postage and materials and all that. Just ask and we’ll figure something out.
  • As for what I’ll draw, that’s completely up to you! My characters, your characters, an idea you’ve had floating round in your head that you want to see realised, a portrait of your pet lizard, a portrait of you – I’ll happily draw any of these things.
  • NSFW or smutty stuff is cool too, but nothing illegal/violent/too gross. If you’re unsure what’s okay and what’s not, by all means ask.
  • All payments through Paypal, please.
  • As far as copyright goes: I retain all rights to any artwork done for commission unless otherwise agreed upon. The purchase of any commission is solely for personal use and not to be used for profit – if you want to print a copy out and stick it on your wall, that’s cool. If you want to print a bunch out and sell them, or take the file and try and pass it off as yours on Etsy or Society6 or something then you’re a thief and a jerk. No thieves or jerks please.