Comics and Art by Eddie Monotone

Hi folks! I’m a cartoonist and illustrator from Auckland, NZ. Here are the comics I’m currently working on:


A webcomic about the ongoing adventures of a spy-slash-thief-slash-mercenary trying to make her way in a world gone mad(!) Action, adventure, explosions, all that good stuff.


Cartoons about things that happen. Autobiographical cartoon strips about things that happen to me and around me. Basically true. Updates every once in a while.

And here are some completed stories:


A single-issue story available as a PDF download from Square Planet Comics. Everyone expects their body to change in high school, but not like this. And what is this monstrous new aperture trying to tell her? A creepy horror tale with a grisly end. For mature readers.


A non-linear sci-fi epic (sort of). Read it in the order it’s presented, or use the Random button to enjoy another take on the narrative.


Produced in collaboration with the poet Liv Macassey as part of the Metonymy project. She did the words, I did the pictures, this is what came out of it.