Ultra Fleet: Emma

A new Ultra Fleet card! I thought it’d be fun to have a Roger Jr.-style character that’s carried around by another character. Realistically any comic story involving her will probably be more about her mum, seeing as how Emma’s not doing that much yet.…

Patreon-exclusive pin-ups

Hey just in case you didn’t know, if you sign up to support me on Patreon for just $5 a month you’ll get access to a whole bunch of cartoon pin-up art. Some of it’s a bit flirty, some of it’s kinda filthy, but it’s all fun and hopefully nice to look at.…

Ultra Fleet: Smiley

The Entropy Protocols is the sort of meaningless McGuffin title that I was all about as an early teen. Does it sound vaguely badass and make zero sense? Sign me up.

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Ultra Fleet: The Feed

This one isn’t very superheroey, but comics have to acknowledge their roots in older trash genres. Also I wanted to draw some gross mouth tentacles. So… everyone wins, I guess?

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Ethereal (commissioned illustration)

I recently finished off a commission for local comic writer Ethan, who wanted some art of the characters from his upcoming superhero project.

It was a lot of fun drawing someone else’s characters and figuring out my take on them, so cheers Ethan!…