Summer Camp

Summer Camp

A bit of an odd one this time – I wrote and drew most of this strip in a low mood about the whole summer camp thing, but now as I finish it I’m feeling a lot better. In part because I’m getting on better with the staff here, probably in part because when Q is being a shit it bleeds into everything. Any situation is garbage when you have a grumpy toddler, but I maintain that the whole ignore-me-and-only-say-hi-to-my-kid thing is fucking rude.

Anyway. Sorry for the downer strip. I feel better for having complained about things.


Hey folks! Just thought I’d let you know I’ve set up a Patreon campaign for my various comics. If you’ve been enjoying Sloths and Trolleys, Jenny Music, or any of the other stuff I’ve been making then please consider supporting them by becoming a patron. Even just a small pledge makes a difference!

You can also get early access to new strips, Patreon-exclusive sketches, and possibly even a say in which projects I work on in the future.

And as an extra bonus – the first ten patrons will go into a draw to receive a unique one-off illustration as a hi-res PDF (The winner will be selected at random once ten people sign up, so get in quick if you want to win).


They’re here! Sloths and Trolleys mini-comics are now on sale – check them out over here. 24 pages, A5, featuring a selection of strips from the last couple of years. There’s limited numbers, so better get in quick if you’d like a copy!